Out of the Starting Gate

What am I doing here? I’m from the era of wooden pencils, so let me get my footing before expecting too much of me. I reserve the right to share typos without apology; bore you to tears (or Rocky Road ice cream, that’s better); ramble; and amuse myself far more than I could a reader. So, Dear Reader, Brave Reader, read on. I think that is enough for the first day. I believe I’ll have that Rocky Road ice cream now.


4 comments on “Out of the Starting Gate

  1. Gads, I have to figure out where I put my password for wordpress. So many passwords, and PIns and usernames. I feel like I have disassociated personality gobbledy-gook thingy/ well why not? I’m a world unto myself, Kween of the Kweendom and SUMbuddy has to people it.

  2. Ellen says:

    Speaking about passwords (or in my case, reading your comments about passwords), I have a pet peeve. I dislike when I commented on Teri’s post about Christmas shopping today that it wanted me to log in with my Facebook password just because it recognized my email address as my
    Facebook login. What?? Believe it or not I don’t want Facebook to know everything I do on the internet….so I fooled them and used my gmail email address that I seldom even check. THAT will take care of their nosiness! In other news, I enjoyed reading your new blog, T, and look forward to reading more. 🙂 ❤

    • just4dux says:

      I know what you mean! There are some things I begin, then when they want to access my personal stuff, I just back out. Most of the apps on FB want to access my stuff. That’s the main reason I don’t play games. Glad you fooled ’em!

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