It appears that our puddy-tat of nearly eighteen years had made her way to the extreme far north, aka cat heaven. She has been ailing lately. Yesterday I made turkey soup, and I gave her the bones and skin (she needed the calories). I put it out by the front sidewalk for her as she had spent the day in my flower box on the front porch. She was so weak and wobbly, but I thought that would give her some strength. Later in the day I went out the front door for something, and she had dragged the biggest bone up on the door mat as a means of saying, “Thank you!” She has has given me similar gifts over the years in the very same spot. It really touched me that she used her strength to pull that heavy bone up two steps for me. It really did.

Very early this morning as I was waking (Like I do about three times during the night!), I heard her voice meow one time. It sounded like she was on my bed. I got up and looked around. I knew she wasn’t in the house, but thought maybe Alex let her in after I went to bed. No. Later, when I got up, I went looking for her. Alex went, too. We couldn’t find her anywhere. But honestly I knew she was gone. I just wanted to find her. We looked and looked. It’s 5:49 PM right now, and she hasn’t come home.

I believe somehow she got to say good-bye to me. Maybe I’m crazy, but it makes me feel better.


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